SHI International Corp.

SHI Strategic Alliance Partner

SHI International Corp. is an $11 billion global provider of technology products and services—and a strategic investor in mLogica. Driven by the industry’s most experienced and established sales force and backed by software volume licensing experts, hardware procurement specialists, and certified IT services professionals, SHI delivers custom IT solutions to corporate, enterprise, public sector and academic organizations.

mLogica partners with SHI’s Stratascale division, which allows businesses to leverage SHI’s thirty-plus years of experience and expertise supporting organizations around the world with their technological and business needs.


In partnership with mLogica, SHI enhances their customers’ digital transformation capabilities through IT modernization, big data and managed services offerings.

mLogica: Optimizing Your Digital Escalation to the Cloud

mLogica is the leader in migrating heterogeneous, complex, legacy on-premise mainframe and distributed databases to the cloud using our automated database translation and hardening software suites STAR*M and LIBER*M. mLogica also offers CAP*M, our proprietary reinforced machine learning software platform that addresses some of the uniquely critical challenges related to cloud migrations and big data.

mLogica’s strategic technology and services partnership with SHI builds on SHI’s long-standing relationships with the world’s biggest technology vendors including Oracle, IBM and VMware. SHI has strengthened its ability to help customers adapt to changing business needs and seize new market opportunities by taking advantage of next-generation infrastructure, hybrid cloud and application modernization.

Using technologies developed by mLogica that are already in use across some of the world’s largest organizations, SHI empowers customers to realize their cloud goals faster, with less disruption and risk, and at a lower total cost.

mLogica’s STAR*M automated migration software suite helps migrate legacy distributed database applications to the cloud, consistently translating and refactoring legacy application and database code onto AWS; reducing errors, risk and costs while accelerating time-to-market.


LIBER*M is an innovative modernization platform based on open x86 architecture. This application modernization environment allows secure mainframe application porting to the cloud with seamless service continuity.


CAP*M – Hyperscale Big Data Platform

A high-performance big data platform, CAP*M, is the only Big Data Platform that delivers both ultra-high performance data loading and deliver near real-time analytics on petabytes of structured and unstructured data, at a lower cost than your current legacy analytics.

CAP*M Deployment Models

CAP*M Suitcase/Backpack is a highly mobile form factor that can fit into an overhead bin and be carried by field analysts in a backpack model.
CAP*M Footlocker is a DOD spec’d configuration Mobile Analytical Data Center that provides hyperscale big data performance of 3 – 6 petabytes. The footlocker can be deployed in multiple environments including Humvees, submarines, AWACs and more.
CAP*M cloud scales up to 1.5 PBs and provides the ultra-high performance of on-premise models in multi-CSP environments.
CAP*M On-Premise is a data center-centric, highly scalable solution to 100s of petabytes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured raw data with near real-time query response times.


mLogica’s TRAK*M leverages enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate event identification, alerts and resolutions before these events adversely impact your business. Ideal for the most complex, mission-critical enterprises, TRAK*M reduces downtime for all major databases and operating systems through real-time analysis of IT infrastructure activities and proactive alignment of resources to needs.