Google Cloud

Google Strategic Alliance Partner

Solve your most critical business and IT challenges by harnessing the power of partnership with mLogica and Google. mLogica’s deep technological and industry expertise, combined with our next generation automated IT modernization solutions, speed your time to enhanced revenue as you optimize the efficiencies and savings of computing in the Google Cloud.

A certified Google partner with multi-industry expertise, mLogica automates critical processes for vastly increased efficiency and accuracy when modernizing your mainframes, database applications, big data analytics and more onto the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP provides a scalable, secure infrastructure that fosters innovation and agility while reducing your IT costs.

As a long-standing Google Cloud Services partner, mLogica leverages years of problem-solving expertise to move your business fast and seamlessly to the cloud.

Whether you’re translating legacy database SQL to a modern platform or translating mainframe COBOL to Java or C++, mLogica supports you with our proven methodology and our experienced, professional team of consultants to make your migration to the cloud seamless, efficient and profitable.

mLogica’s STAR*M automated migration software suite helps migrate legacy distributed database applications to GCP, consistently translating and refactoring legacy application and database code; reducing errors, risk and costs while accelerating time-to-market.


LIBER*M is an innovative modernization platform based on open x86 architecture. This application modernization environment allows secure mainframe application porting to the Cloud with seamless service continuity.


CAP*M – Hyperscale Big Data Platform

A high-performance big data platform, CAP*M, is the only Big Data Platform that delivers both ultra-high performance data loading and deliver near real-time analytics on petabytes of structured and unstructured data, at a lower cost than your current legacy analytics.