Consulting Services

Education and Training

Consulting Services mLogica offers expert and certified training for cyber security, Oracle, IBM, SAP Business Objects, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server databases, as well as project management.

IT Staffing Services

We specialize in providing qualified IT experts for all technologies, with a full range of premium staffing support services to meet short-term as well as long-term staffing requirements.

Project Management Services

Our project management teams consist of certified project management professionals and principal level technical architects who are recognized experts in their fields. Our project managers specialize in managing enterprise application data through every stage of the software development lifecycle and to every point of access.

Strategic Outsourcing

With delivery centers in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, India and the Middle East, mLogica provides multiple flexible delivery models including blended (onshore/onsite/offshore), onsite and remote.

Systems Consulting Services

Our break/fix-systems program provides services for mission-critical systems including PCs, peripherals, databases, servers, SANs, kiosks, mobile devices and other hardware and software components.

Software Development

mLogica provides expert services to assist with the creation of bespoke software and application development, maintenance, quality control and testing services for organizations. We’ve developed software and mission-critical applications for technology vendors, major corporations and start-ups, and we know an enterprise-level product must be scalable and dependable for commercial use and business-critical solutions.

Software Development If your organization’s concerns include rising development costs or too much time spent on support and maintenance, turn to mLogica’s ISO 9001:2000 certified software development centers.

We provide project management and technical leadership for systems integration and software development across the following technologies and activities:

  • .NET based software development
  • Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Java and J2EE based software development
  • C/C++ based software development
  • PowerBuilder development, migrations and maintenance
  • Remote programming services and application support
  • Embedded software development
  • Mobile software development
  • Testing QA and stress testing development
Application Tuning

The clear benefits of performance tuning make it a high-demand service throughout the IT industry. Since most application performance issues can be attributed to bad SQL or stored procedures, mLogica expert performance tuning teams can help optimize your systems for improved speed and efficiency. In addition, the capabilities provided by mLogica’s automated STAR*M software greatly simplify the task of tuning your applications and code for maximum ongoing performance.