Cloud Services

cloud Cloud environments give your organization enhanced computing capacity with improved speed to market, scalability, lower total cost of ownership and little capital requirement, while also offering greater operational, contractual and financial flexibility.

mLogica offers cloud integration and migration services for both enterprise and public sector organizations. Our expert architecture team lets you leverage the benefits of our cloud data integration and migration services with industry leading service providers such as Oracle and AWS.

Organizations worldwide choose mLogica cloud services to deliver responsive IT consulting, including defining a migration strategy and roadmap to meet each business’s unique cloud implementation objectives and improve overall IT management and governance. At mLogica, our cloud services cover all domains and delivery models to help you understand the optimal cloud strategy for your business.

The challenge? Deployment of cloud services without clearly defined requirements can result in sub-optimal resource usage and increased risk. When considering your cloud strategy, our architect team will work with you to look at your entire business ecosystem holistically.

Determining the right cloud applications and vendors for your organization’s needs is a major challenge—that’s why creating a coherent cloud strategy is a struggle for many businesses.

mLogica Cloud Services solves your business challenges with next generation solutions.

With a public, private or hybrid cloud, enterprises are able to better respond to the changing needs of the business and create new services to improve performance.

mLogica consulting services and offerings:
  • Complimentary cloud briefings
  • Due diligence and risk assessment
  • In-depth assessments to identify the cloud format and strategy best suited to your goals
  • Identification of core security issues and optimization of information security costs
  • Incorporating industry best practices and compliance with regulatory standards