LIBER*M - Mainframe Modernization

The LIBER*M Cloud Migration Suite: Finally, a cost-effective solution for

businesses tied down by outdated mainframes

  • Migrating your mainframe to the cloud lets you jettison outdated systems and leverage next generation agile technology
  • Retiring your mainframe can save over 50% in associated operating costs
  • Cloud architecture gives you greater options, flexibility and scalability for a fraction of the cost

Outdated mainframes: millions to maintain—without key agility that today’s business needs

Mainframe legacy applications are a critical asset to your business, but the current economic climate highlights their limitations and sky-high support costs. When it comes to modernizing mainframe applications, the challenge is to preserve your existing business processes while providing greater flexibility and scalability to slash your total cost of ownership.

mLogica’s LIBER*M suite of software can provide an operating environment analog; one that lets you run mainframe applications on an open platform such as Linux or Intel x86.

This allows secure mainframe application porting with total service continuity—all with the flexibility, scalability and low cost of the cloud!

Migrating Mainframe to the cloud Saves Millions

For a large mainframe of more than 11,000 MIPS, the average annual cost per installed MIPS is about $1,600. Hardware and software accounts for 65% of this total, or approximately $1,040.

Consequently, the annual infrastructure cost for a 15,200 MIPS mainframe is approximately $16 million.

As an expert in migrating mainframe to the cloud via automation, mLogica makes low cost, low risk business systems modernization possible. Our proprietary automation methodology is the key to easily migrating large, complex, on-premise or mainframe business applications to a modern cloud platform with maximum speed and accuracy and minimum business disruption.

mLogica clears the way to migrating mainframe to the cloud by effectively reconciling the twin demands of business: protecting the rich functionality of legacy applications while using standard and open-source technologies to slash TCO; turning your systems into a platform for innovation.

Our LIBER*M software suite is designed for the rapid, controlled and virtually seamless modernization of mainframe business applications for your business. Our LIBER*M suite facilitates the re-platforming of legacy application code by translating existing COBOL into a current industry standard language such as JAVA or C++, which can then be compiled to run on a modern on-prem or cloud platform.

The LIBER*M suite of software products combines the best of legacy application modernization approaches, allowing organizations to migrate off mainframes while still fully leveraging their existing legacy assets. We license our compilers and translators to our customers in a subscription model.

    • LIBER*DAHLIA – Discovery: Automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire legacy application environment
    • LIBER*TP – Transaction processing monitor for COBOL and C applications in Java EE environment on Linux
    • LIBER*Z – Supports replatforming of IBM z/OS CICS from a mainframe to Linux; includes tools to facilitate VSAM to SQL, etc
    • LIBER*8 – Supports replatforming of GCOS8 mainframe applications to Linux
    • LIBER*Batch Z/8 – Replacement of IBM Z/OS and GCOS8 batch environment
    • LIBER*COBOL – High performing, cost effective, enterprise and GCOS8 fully compatible COBOL with flexible licensing options
    • LIBER*TULIP – Automated code refactoring of legacy code applications including Assembler, COBOL, Easytrieve, PL/I and others to modern languages such as Java, C# and C++
    • LIBER*BLE – Business Logic Extraction for UniVerseDB, Pick Basic and COBOL
    • LIBER*IRIS – Database/Data Migration: Automated migration from ISAM / VSAM / Db2 z/OS / IMS DB / IDMS to any RDBMS (such as Oracle, Db2 LUW, MSSQL Server)
    • LIBER*VIOLET – Automate the migration between all common schedulers such as BMC Control-M, CA 7, Automatic Dollar Universe

With LIBER*M, mLogica now offers the most powerful suite of legacy migration software available, leveraging decades of expertise in cross-platform migration of the most business-critical enterprise software and mainframe environments. If you’ve been waiting for the decisive moment, now is the time to move your mainframe to the cloud.