CAP*M - Hyperscale Big Data Platform

Ultra-high speed data loading and near real-time analytics in one

hyperscale big data platform

  • Load more than 100 terabytes to over 3 petabytes per day of mixed data
  • Scale from <100 terabytes to over 30 petabytes on a single machine
  • Ad hoc query response time in just seconds

The digital revolution has changed business – including yours

The world we live in generates an enormous amount of information, including data from sources that didn’t even exist just a few years ago. With this wealth of new technologies, including IoT (internet of things) sensors, social media and robotics, data is being created so fast we can’t ingest, store and analyze it fast enough to leverage it strategically.

Businesses today are challenged with how to process data to transform it into meaningful, actionable information and while more information provides greater value, traditional systems simply cannot process this crucial data rapidly and effectively. We need a new approach to big data.

It’s time push more intelligence to the Edge…

To accelerate data analysis, you have to push decision-making calculations closer to the data source, or the “edge”. This lets you detect trends and take action in real-time and, even better, empowers you to make data-driven predictive calculations to support proactive responses.

CAP*M Lets You Modernize Your Big Data Strategy

CAP*M High-Frequency Data Load
A high performing data ingest engine lets you load petabytes of both structured and unstructured data into mLogica’s CAP*M big data management system.

CAP*M Big Data Management
A hyper-performance, production-ready big data solution designed to accelerate the movement of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data with near real-time analytics, with lower costs and higher performance than outdated legacy analytics systems. This lets you respond proactively to complex events and potential threats in the early stages—or even before they materialize.

CAP*M Deployment Models

  • CAP*M Suitcase/Backpack is a highly mobile form factor that can fit into an overhead bin and be carried by field analysts in a backpack model
    • 4 in. x 13.5 in. x 14 in.
    • Scales to 1.5 PBs
  • CAP*M Footlocker is a DOD spec’d configuration (Mobile Analytical Data Center) which provides hyperscale big data performance (3 – 6 petabytes). The footlocker can be deployed in multiple environments, including, but not limited to Humvees, submarines, AWACs and more.
    • 22 in. x 22 in. x 40 in.
    • Scales to 6 PBs
  • CAP*M cloud scales up to 1.5 PBs, currently, and provides the ultra-high performance of the on-premise models in multi-CSP environments.
    • CAP*M on the cloud – 96 Cores
    • Scales to 1.5 PBs
  • CAP*M On-Premise is a data center-centric, highly scalable solution to 100s of petabytes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured raw data with near real-time query response times
    • 320 cores – Scales to 7 PBs
    • 640 cores – Scales to 14 PBs
    • 1,280 cores – Scales to 24 PBs
    • 2,560 cores – Scales to 42 PBs
    • Federated models scale to over 100 PBs

CAP*M performance at a glance

  • Bigger: Scaling from < 100 TBs to over 30,000 TBs (30 PBs)
  • Faster: Benchmarked to load up to 136 TBs per hour = 3.3 PBs/day = 23 PBs/week, making it 10 to 100 times faster than traditional big data vendors!
  • Short time to market: Arrives configured and tuned: deploying within 6 – 8 weeks after PO
  • Uses Standard SQL, R, MDX and UDF; no need for data specialists
  • Extreme analytics built-in, with no need of infrastructure custom coding
  • CAP*M can do ”5 Nines” using our storage replications/snap/clone and/or multi-site-replication