Case Study: Db2 to Oracle Migration Assessment

Partner: mLogica
Industry: Technology
Coverage: Global

The Challenge

The Customer is an international player in telecommunication industry. It is one of the largest mobile network operators in the world with subscribers in millions. The Customer requested mLogica to provide an assessment of its environment in order to migrate their existing legacy Db2 platform to an Oracle database platform so that they can improve their business processes and speed up operational and end user activities.

The Customer’s goals were to increase reliability and the performance of their legacy database management system as well as increase the speed at which the data can be accessed in order to improve productivity of their business.

The Solution

mLogica deployed a team of migration specialists that included database architect, application architect and migration architect. mLogica’s team was dispatched to the Customer’s site to assess the environment and they determine the actual amount of the data.

Our team also reviewed the behavior of the Db2 environment and risk factors associated with the migration of the data from the legacy platform to the Oracle platform. The personnel were assigned the following assessment tasks:

  • To gather the entire information regarding the size of database
  • To analyze the upstream and downstream applications and their dependencies
  • To pinpoint the databases and applications that can be tested for a pilot migration program
  • To find out the objects of criticality
  • To evaluate and prioritize the risk factors associated with migration of data from source platform to target platform
  • To identify the business processes and SLAs

The team completed its assessment and compiled a detailed assessment report incorporating the entire factors mentioned above. The assessment report was presented to the Customer for evaluation of the project.

The Benefits

mLogica’s team provided a detailed migration plan based on the assessment report. It included target architecture environment, migration approach, a high-level estimate of timeline of work and cost. This also enabled our Customer to forecast any potential issues that may arise during the database migration.

The assessment report and migration plan helped our Customer’s architecture team come up with appropriate technical solutions to seamlessly accomplish the migration project. The assessment also helped the Customer calculate the estimated cost and time that will be required in the execution of this project.