PxCube - Operational Efficiency Analytics

Priority one for business success is optimizing your technology

but first you need to optimize your business processes

  • Transforming your technology to meet today’s business demands is no longer optional
  • Driving revenue means fully leveraging the agility, scalability and flexibility of the cloud
  • But you can’t optimize technology without streamlining your business processes
  • Reducing operational costs let you fund technology that builds your bottom line

How do you mitigate change while maximizing profits?

Businesses today face operational transformations, new competition, growing technology challenges and an ever-accelerating rate of change. Either you meet those challenges head-on or you fall by the wayside.

The challenge: How do you substantiate the benefits of digital transformation?

One of the major challenges businesses face is calculating the cost versus revenue, growth and savings of transforming their digital strategy at a business unit, enterprise or global level.

The answer: Streamlining your business practices can provide the capital you need

Most organizations recognize that they need to conduct digital technology transformation, including fully leveraging the benefits of cloud migration and optimization. However, you can’t reap the benefits if you don’t optimize the organizational and business processes that are critically linked to your technology.

The good news?
PxCube focuses on addressing operational and digital performance by:

  • Offering proven methodology and digital tools to identify operational efficiencies and potential savings
  • Reducing operational costs by 20% or more, letting you fund the costs of digital modernization
  • Migrating your legacy on-premise distributed and mainframe workloads to fully leverage the capabilities of the cloud
Over 400 organizational transformation projects, yielding over $1 billion in cost savings

Real Results: Case Study Spotlight

Consumer Finance Services Division

Clients : Large US Bank
Division : Consumer Finance Division
Contact : Division Heads
Major Functions : Indirect Lending, Direct Lending, Business Lending, Retail Loan Servicing

I’ve committed a $400
million reduction in expenses
and need to move quickly

-EVP Consumer Finance

Real Result

Through the implementation of the recommended programs, the client was able to reduce manpower costs by over 15%, improve service quality, provide management with the required strategic information for decision making, and position themselves for dramatic growth and a national retail banking presence. Direct operating costs were reduced by $200 million in 24 months and $400 million was forecasted within 24 additional months