Behave Engine - Telecom Analytics

Behave Engine for Telecommunications

A robust big data system that gives you real-time analysis of telecom subscriber

behavior to optimize service upsell

  • Provides real-time analysis of telecom user behavior
  • Offers insight into subscriber preferences, letting you personalize mobile advertising
  • Lets you target and upsell services to the right subscriber with the right device at the right price and time
  • Allows you to monitor subscriber reaction to offers and update profiles accordingly
Gain Visibility into Your Telecom Subscriber Experience

mLogica’s CAP*M Behave Engine (BE) is an analytical package that gives you unprecedented insight into your business end-to-end in real-time. CAP*M BE provides comprehensive overviews of both front-end activity: subscribers, calls, behavior and patterns, as well as back-end status: system load and performance; predicting system saturation and enabling threshold-based alerts to prevent system failures.

CAP*M BE also lets you leverage petabyte-plus-scale workloads and supports global analyses of your telecom infrastructure—powered by CAP*M’s hyperscale performance.

  • Get key data about user behavior, experience and interests
  • See details on how subscribers utilize services and applications
  • Discover new revenue sources; track and boost adoption of new services
  • Discover potential problems and act before losing subscribers
Targeting and optimizing performance and revenue

80% of data network bandwidth is often consumed by just 10% of your customers. With mLogica’s CAP*M BE, you can:

  • Analyze devices contributing to high consumption and profile these users for future pricing strategies
  • See how the network is being utilized and identify bottlenecks
  • Visualize the network in a way that highlights issues and allows detailed drill-down

mLogica’s CAP*M BE gives you a comprehensive overview of your customer’s experience, letting marketing stakeholders:

  • Identify and upsell services to the right customer with the right device at the right price
  • Ensure marketing opportunities are not missed
  • Increase campaign management effectiveness
  • Optimize data rates
  • Personalize mobile advertising
  • Understand subscriber preferences
  • Monitor subscriber reaction to offers and update their profiles accordingly
CAP*M BE gives you unprecedented visibility into subscriber usage, devices and applications;
transforming random data points into actionable, revenue-building intelligence