About Us

mLogica: Legacy to the Cloud

Founded in 2004 by visionaries from leading technology organizations, mLogica’s leaders envisioned a faster, more efficient way of modernizing IT infrastructures to eliminate the skyrocketing costs of legacy systems that had stymied innovation and eaten away at enterprise profitability for years. They also realized modernization offered their customers the opportunity to harness the power of globally dispersed data to build revenue. mLogica’s mission is to assist its customers in driving enterprise profitability through advanced analytics and cloud modernization. Helping customers unravel the complexities of migrating mission-critical, enterprise applications, databases, infrastructure, and data—while saving them time, money and business disruption is how we do it. Whether you’re leading a globally dispersed enterprise or an IT team supporting tens of thousands of users, extracting greater value from your data is one of your top business priorities. You may have years of accumulated data, but if you can’t leverage that massive asset to build your business you’re falling behind. Of course, you’re also expected to reduce your ongoing IT spend, while improving the speed of data-driven business decisions. Cloud computing offers improved functionality, greater flexibility and scalability and significant cost savings, but every enterprise is riddled with legacy applications and customizations that make even the most tech-savvy IT professional worry about losing functionality when moving to the cloud. That’s where mLogica’s STAR*M automated migration solution can help. By automating the most tedious, time-consuming and labor-intensive challenges faced when migrating complex, mission-critical enterprise data, STAR*M translates your legacy application and database code while reducing human error.

STAR*M: Platform Modernization

By 2006, mLogica specialized in highly complex, enterprise database conversion engagements. The mLogica migration practice consists of experienced migration experts with proven expertise who help our customers design, build and deliver successful migrations to more modern on-premise platforms.

We realized we could help clients reduce the costs and risks of migration with advanced automation tools, proven processes, and many years of migration experience. Our highly automated migration process enables a seamless transition from legacy on-premise database environments to the cloud with virtually no downtime. With each migration project, mLogica enhanced the tools set to translate DDL, stored procedures, functions, even application side SQL for a wide variety of database platforms. This tool set evolved into STAR*M, the first automated database migration tool for the migration of the largest, most complex enterprise IT databases in the world. STAR*M is able to dramatically shorten time to modernization and eliminate costly and error-prone human intervention and manual coding.

Today, mLogica leverages our automated migration process to deliver target cloud environments; accelerating overall time-to-market and making it easy to move business application and database workloads to a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment.

LIBER*M: Mainframe Modernization

Recently, mLogica has also acquired technology from BULL/Atos and launched LIBER*M, a suite of software for mainframe modernization. LIBER*M is an automated language refactoring & cloud migration acceleration software for mainframe legacy databases and applications, combining the best of legacy application modernization approaches and allowing you to migrate off mainframes while still leveraging those existing legacy assets. LIBER*M enables the migration of IBM z/OS applications to Linux, leveraging a COBOL compiler for Linux which can also translate COBOL to the current industry standard C++ or Java for far easier support in the future.

CAP*M: Big Data Platform Modernization

In parallel, mLogica had its eye on the explosion of data entering enterprise IT via disparate sources including marketing automation tools, mobile devices, social media platforms, POP systems, partner programs and more. That volume of data inflow requires tools built to take it in and leverage it to the fullest—so we created CAP*M.

With CAP*M, mLogica finally delivers both ultra-high speed data loading and near real-time analytics in a single big data platform that scales from the edge to the cloud. A hyperscale big data solution, CAP*M unlocks the value of your enterprise data by transforming how companies capture, correlate and apply data to fuel business growth.

CAP*M uses the industry’s most robust, AI-powered data ingestion engine to turn the structured, semi-structured and unstructured data flooding enterprise IT into actionable insights.

TRAK*M – Managed Services

mLogica turned the rich experience of its founders and a decade of satisfying complex IT challenges into TRAK*M, a comprehensive database monitoring and management suite. TRAK*M provides a common, flexible architecture across all on-premise, distributed and cloud platforms that helps you unlock the value of your enterprise data. Using enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, TRAK*M transforms how you optimize your IT infrastructure by ensuring peak database and application performance with minimal downtime.

To date, mLogica has completed more than 600 large scale platform modernization engagements with Fortune 1,000 companies on six continents, including such technologically demanding industries as telecom, healthcare, entertainment, banking and financial services. With our unmatched product offering and client support services, mLogica has also become the migration partner of choice for premiere cloud service providers including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP and more. By combining unmatched enterprise technology experience with automated software solutions and proven, repeatable methodology, mLogica
  • Dramatically reduces project implementation times
  • Increases operational efficiencies and slashes ongoing IT costs
  • Replaces high-priced consultants with improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Speeds time-to-profit without disturbing daily business operations
  • Retains legacy and current application customizations without disrupting application availability